Feudal Alloy – Beta Demo Sign Up

Feudal Alloy is a fantastic looking new metroidvania action RPG in which you take a goldfish controlled robot on an epic adventure in a beautiful hand drawn medieval world.

Feudal Alloy is set within a wonderfully weird medieval world populated by fish controlled robots. You take control of one such robot who, after his village is ransacked by outlaws, grabs a sword and sets out for revenge. What follows promises to be an epic adventure that sees you exploring its vast interconnected world, battling strange enemies, embarking on side-quests, collecting loot, discovering secrets, fighting bosses and learning new skills and equipment.

It’s a great looking game with stylish hand drawn artwork, a fun sense of humor, a dynamic action-combat system and a ridiculous fish controlled robot premise. The demo build is due to be sent out on the 20th of Feb, sign up now to venture into this brilliantly bizarre robo-fish world!

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