Fey: Distant Daydream – Beta Demo

Fey: Distant Daydream is a PS1 styled spooky mystery adventure where you solve puzzles to escape a creepy old mansion that you find yourself locked up in.

In Fey: Distant Daydream you are an appraiser who has been called out to carry out valuations at an abandoned estate out in the country. However, when you get there you awaken to find yourself locked in a bedroom by a mysterious person/entity who seems oddly friendly (and likes to call you dear).

There are spooky moments in Fey: Distant Daydream but it’s more of a mystery game than a full on horror game. The demo build takes around 30 minutes to play through and features a nice selection of inventive point and click adventure style puzzles. There’s no combat or peril – it’s all about the puzzles and unravelling the mystery of the old house you’re unlocked in.

It’s a very promising game that does a great job of blending old school survival horror visuals with classic point and click adventure gameplay. The only slight annoyance is the way it often repeats the same long dialogue sequences when you interact with an object multiple times. Other than that it’s shaping up to be an excellent game. A spooky old house well worth getting locked up in.

Download The Fey: Distant Daydream Beta Demo Here (Steam)