Fictions is an interesting expolration and stealth game that has been made as a Pre-Alpha build for the upcoming game, Somewhere and inspired by the book  “The Approach to Al-Mu’Tasim” by Luis Borges.

Fictions (and Somewhere) has a beautifully surreal visual style, set in a small barren dessert, with floating buildings, burried tellephones, lots of clocks and odd looking gangly characters.  It’s great fun exploring the area, discovering new oddites and strange artworks.

Other than the wonderfully strange art style, the other main hook is the ‘character flip‘ game mechanic.  This allows you sneak up behind other characters and swap places with them, allowing you to experience the world from their perspective.  It’s a great concept, that’s central to the gamplay, and makes for a greatly satisfying experience.

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