Field of Fate – Prototype

Field of Fate is a turn based tactical RPG chess came in which you summon Chess pieces with their own unique stats and traits then do battle against challenging adversaries.

In Field of Fate you don’t start the game with a full set of chess pieces – instead you use your summoning power to summon pieces from a summoning portal. You only have enough power to summon 3 units initially but you’ll earn more summoning power as you play matches (which you can use to summon more). You can then place these pieces on the Chessboard style battlefield and do battle in turn based tactical combat.

The units you summon are chess pieces and move on the board much like they would do in a traditional game of chess, but they all have unique stats and traits that can dramatically affect the outcome of the battle. For instance, If a piece has 2 health points and you only have 1 attack power then you’ll need to attack it twice to defeat it. Your unit’s traits can also be learned by the rest of your units by forming a friendship bond which is done by carrying out attacks while standing next to each other over a period of time.

It’s still early in development but Field of Fate’s introduction of tactical RPG elements makes for a fun twist on the classic game of Chess. It adds a new layer of strategy to the game and the character artwork and trait system gives a bit of personality to your Chess pieces. A clever Chess tactical RPG Well worth Check-ing out!

Play the Field of Fate Prototype Here (Browser)