Fight Corp. – Beta Demo

Fight Corp. is a thoroughly bizarre ps2-era styled third person action adventure that sees you attempting to rise through the ranks of a company that’s built 100% on violence – so to earn those promotions you’ll have to beat the crap out of those above you!

In Fight Corp. you take on the role of Mitch Metello, a new employee at Fight Corp. – a shady corporation that is build on violence and fighting. You start at the very bottom of the company rankings and must defeat opponents to climb your way up the corporate ladder. However, the opponents you meet are far from defenceless and come in some pretty bizarre forms – such as a giant mech or a trio of human cannonballs.

Oddly enough for a game that’s focused on fighting, the combat is a little shallow at the moment, so don’t expect Devil May Cry levels of complexity. However Fight Corp. more than makes up for any shortcomings in the combat with its wonderfully weird narrative, quirky characters and fantastic cutscenes. It feels like a licensed PS2 era action platformer that’s based on some obscure Anime series. Sure it’s a case of style over substance, but when the stye is so damn cool, who cares?

Download The Fight Corp Beta Demo Build Here (Windows)

2 thoughts on “Fight Corp. – Beta Demo”

  1. Amazing! Thanks you for making an article on my game!

    And thanks for the feedback! Yeah gonna improve the combat some more, did you mean shallow in the sense that you can kinda button-mash through anything? :)

    • You’re welcome! Yeah, just a little shallow in that there’s not that many different types of attacks. Could maybe do with some ranged attacks and juggles so you can pull of dome big DmC-syle combos. It’s a very cool game though! :)

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