FIGHT KNIGHT Game Download

FIGHT KNIGHT is an awesome new first person dungeon crawler with fast paced real time grid-based melee combat that sees you punching your way to the top of a massive tower.

In FIGHT KNIGHT you play a knight that does all of his talking with his fists – literally! You talk to NPC’s by punching them, you open doors by punching them, you activate switches by punching them and you fight enemies and bosses by punching them. You’re so dedicated to punching everything that you don’t even use weapons – just using your fists, your wits, your reflexes and a selection of badass special moves to destroy anything foolish enough to stand in your way.

FIGHT KNIGHT plays like a traditional Legend of Grimrock-style old school dungeon crawler while you explore the tower, with artefacts to collect, puzzles to solve and NPC’s to meet (and punch). Things get very different when you run into enemies though, there’s no turn based combat here – the combat is in real time and is super fast paced, with you dodging, blocking, using special abilities and unleashing a flurry of punches at your opponents.

Even in these early stages of development FIGHT KNIGHT is a joy to play, packed full of witty humor, surprises, stylish retro visuals, fun dungeon crawling and intense real time combat. A fast, fabulous, and funny dungeon brawler that doesn’t pull its punches. Highly recommended.

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