Filament – Alpha Download

Filament is a chilled out and cleverly designed puzzler in which you guide robots and thread their power cable through the levels in such a way that they power up sets of pillars.

In Filament you start out controlling a single robot with a white light above its head and must guide it in such a way that it will activate all the pillars in the level whilst still allowing you to reach the exit (you can’t cross over the cable). It starts of pretty easily, but things start to get a lot more complex as you progress, as you weave a spider-like web through the fiendishly designed levels. Later on you’re even introduced to the concept of controlling multiple robots, each with different colored lights that activate specific pillars or can be combined to make new colors.

Filament is very much a case of a simple, original concept that’s been perfectly executed. The minimalist Unreal Engine 4 powered visuals are superb, the audio score is wonderfully serene and the puzzle design is very inventive – all of which makes guiding your glowing little robots through the cleverly crafted levels an absolute delight (even when you end up tied up in knots!). Highly recommended.

Check Out a Full Playthrough of Filament Here

Download The Filament Alpha Here (Windows)