Film Morbid – Game Jam Build Download

Film Morbid is a clever first person puzzle game where you use clues hidden in an old black and white film to help you escape an eerie little room.

Created for the Black and White Jam, Film Morbid sees you waking up inside a small dimly lit room with a cinema projector playing a looping abstract black and white film. The film contains clues that will help you interact with the various objects in the room and hopefully find a means of escape.

It would be nice if you could fast forward or rewind the film as it can be a little irritating waiting for a clue to loop around again, but other than that it’s a great little room escape puzzler. It’s got a wonderfully foreboding atmosphere, the puzzles are well crafted and the film is unnervingly weird. See how good your observation skills are as you try to make your escape.

Play Film Morbid Here (Browser)