Final Days – Alpha Demo

Final Days

Final Days, a game being created by Plus 7 Software, is a blood soaked top-down zombie survival shooter that puts you, and possible others, against the flesh craving horde of undead.

Final Days focuses on the co-operation between yourself and other survivors as waves of zombies and other monstrous creatures surround your compound from all angles. You start out with just a regular pistol (thankfully with infinite ammo) as the undead begin to swarm your house. With death looming at the door you must fight for your life before the horde over powers you and has your brains for dessert.

Final Days features a diverse array of weaponry that all have their own functions. From a spread-shot shotgun that can stop the zombies in their tracks to the heavy assault gun that unloads bullets in a hailstorm of metal and blood, the guns add a nice bit of variety to the gameplay. Just remember to stock up on the ammo that drops from enemies, otherwise you’ll be left with just your pistol against the bigger, nastier monstrous that lurk in the shadows.

Check out the Final Days Greenlight Page Here

Download the Final Days Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)