Final Equinox: The Arrival – Kickstarter Demo

Final Equinox: The Arrival is a Sci-Fi RPG adventure with a branching narrative, reactive dialogue and tactical turn based space battles.

In Final Equinox: The Arrival you take on the role of an admiral of a newly formed fleet of ships in the Outer Worlds – an area of space overrun with raiders, rebels and marauders. Your aim is to unite the Outer Worlds under the banner of the commonwealth (whether they like it or not). It plays out via a mix of visual novel-style branching narrative driven sequences and tactical turn based space battles.

The turn based tactical battles are easy to pick up and play (though it really needs a ‘cancel command button’) and puts you in charge of a flotilla of different spacecraft, chief of which is your ship – the HCS Odysseus. It uses an X-Com style of movement and combat, with you having a set amount of action points and movement points per turn and even able to use nearby asteroids for cover.

The narrative is played out via a visual novel style of interface, with your dialogue choices and actions having a dramatic effect on the story. The game will remember all your choices and they can affect the narrative in the short term and the long term – even meaning the difference between life and death for your crewmates.

It’s still early in development, but Final Equinox: The Arrival shows a lot of promise. Although the gameplay is very different, it has a definite Mass Effect vibe with its blend of Sci-Fi, ship commanding, chats with crewmembers and decisions that can have a dramatic effect on the game world and those around you. An epic space adventure that allows you shape your journey.

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Download The Kickstarter Demo Here (Win 64bit) or Here (Win 32bit)