Final Fantasy VII Re-Imagined – Prototype Download

Final Fantasy VII Reimagined

Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined is a fantastic fan made project that re-imagines Square’s classic RPG as a side scrolling beat-em-up, complete with Materia, XP and summoning.

The current build features one full level, local co-op play, two playable characters (Cloud and Tifa) and one fire support character (Barret).  You can also summon your Guardian Forces, charging them up by beating up enemies, then unleashing them for maximum devastation.  In the Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined Prototype, Cloud summons Ifrit and Tifa summons Shiva, but in the full game players will be able to acquire and equip new Guardian Forces as in the original.

The Materia system is also similar to FFVII, with players able  to utilise Fire, Ice and Lightning Materia to unleash special effects at the end of a four hit combo.  And of course, as it’s based on an RPG, in the full game Materia, Summon Gems, Fire Support and character move sets will all be able to be upgraded through XP accumulation.

It’s still very early in development and does have a few bugs, but Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined is already a thoroughly impressive RPG beat-em-up experience, full of fan service, exciting combat and real depth to the gameplay.  Not just a great Final Fantasy VII homage, but a great game in general.

Note:  Due to the popularity of Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined, there may be issues with the download availability.  The Torrent link will always work (though you’ll need a torrent program to download it).  The browser version will work in a Unity supported browser, but you may have to wait a long time for it to load.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download or Play Final Fantasy VII Re-Imagined HERE

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  1. I’m pretty sure in FF7 they did not call the summons “Guardian Forces”. I do know that in FF8 the term “Guardian Forces” was used for summons.

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