Finders, Keepers – Alpha Demo

Finders, Keepers is an eerie and atmospheric narrative-driven adventure that plays out via a Tinder-esque smartphone app as you hike with our friend in a mysterious ancient woodland.

In Finders, Keepers you’re out with a good friend of yours on a walk through an ancient woodland during the summer solstice. It’s an interesting place, with mysterious landmarks and beautiful scenery, but you’re a little more interested in looking for potential dates on your Tinder style fyndr/feepr app. You chat with your friend as you peruse (often humorous) profiles and swipe left or right depending on your personal preferences. But there’s also something odd going on with the app. It keeps highlighting people who it says are very close by and directing you to strange landmarks…

The current build of Finders, Keepers takes around 20 minutes to play through and doesn’t feature any outright horror moments, but it’s a little eerie and unsettling. There’s a strange dreamlike atmosphere to the game and hints of otherworldly oddity. The spookiness is beautifully offset by the chat between you and your friend as you walk through – the dialogue is written with wit and warmth and it really feels like you’re there with a life-long buddy.

It’s a fantastic concept that delivers an interesting story and innovative gameplay via a very unique interface.The pseudo smartphone interface is fantastic and it brings up some fun little twists on Finders, Keepers’s swipe-based control system that allows you to navigate the forest and interact with objects. By the end you’ll be dying to see what other secrets lurk in it’s mysterious forest. Highly recommended

Check Out a gameplay Video Here

Download The Finders, Keepers Alpha Demo Here (Windows)