Fingerpaint Art Restoration – Game Jam Build Download (Oculus Quest)

Fingerpaint Art Restoration is a hilarious little VR game that allows you to make your own terrible restorations of classic artwork.

Created by Andrew C. Wang (creator of An Obstacle Course for Unconventional Humans) for the 12 Day of Sketchmas Game Jam, Fingerpaint Art Restoration allows you to use your fingers to make classic artwork even better! You can dip your fingers into the selection of differently colored paint in front of you then smear it on your poor unsuspecting masterpiece. You can blend colors by using quick touches and the longer you hold your fingers on the canvas, the stronger the mark you will leave.

Andrew does plan to add more paintings if there’s enough interest in the game (which there really should be!), but at the moment you can focus your efforts on touching up the most famous amateur restoration in recent memory – a certain fresco called Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) by Elias Garcia Martinez, which depicts Jesus crowned in thorns. Sure we all laughed when we saw that poor old lady’s attempt at restoring Christ to his former glory, but let’s see if you can do any better!

Download Fingerpaint Art Restoration Here (Oculus Quest)