Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue – Beta Demo

Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue is a beautifully animated 2.5D action platformer where you storm burning buildings (and other locations), fight fires and attempt to rescue any civilians who are trapped within them.

In Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue you take on the role of the titular Firegurl – a young rescue officer with a talent for fighting fires. This talent seems to have been inherited from her now deceased firefighting father who died in a blaze. She’s new to the job but it looks like she’ll get plenty of firefighting practice as the mayor has been relaxing safety standards and underfunding firefighting services.

In each callout of Firegirl you enter a procedurally generated location that’s on fire and attempt to quell the flames and rescue any civilians trapped inside. To do this you have your trusty firehose, which not only comes in handy for fighting fire, but can also be used as a water-propelled jetpack that can launch you high into the air. Your firefighting escapades earn you fans, which in turn earns you more cash donations that you can use to purchase better equipment between missions.

At the moment the procedurally generated levels look great, but feel a little generic and repetitive. Hand crafted levels would be better, but even as it stands the 2.5D pixel art visuals are beautiful and the core gameplay is a lot of fun. A unique, addictive and very stylish firefighting adventure well worth burning some time in.

Download The Firegirl: Hack n’ Splash Rescue Beta Demo Here (Steam)