Fish and Plastic – Game Jam Build

Fish and Plastic is a very tough and thought provoking little game where you control a fish as it attempts to swim through increasingly polluted waters.

Created for the Alakajam game jam, Fish and Plastic attempts to highlight the crisis that sea-life is facing as its ecosystem is destroyed by pollution and overfishing. You take control of a fish as it swims ever-forward, whilst attempting to avoid the garbage in the water and slip through the nets of the fishing boats as they pass by. You start in the year 1997 and your goal is to reach 2019, but you only have three lives and as the years roll by the debris in the water increases.

It’s a very tough game so you’ll need some real perseverance to reach 2019, but even if you don’t it’s a very impactful game that does a great job of highlighting the damage we’re doing to the oceans. Seeing the ocean from a fish-eye view really brings things into perspective!

Download Fish and Plastic Here (Windows)