Fishing Planet – Beta Download (Steam)

Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet is a wonderfully realistic first person fishing simulator with online multiplayer, superb visuals, over 32 types of fish all with unique AI, online tournaments, duels and thousands of different tackle combinations.

Even in the Beta phase of development, Fishing Planet is easily the best fishing simulator ever made.  The attention to detail is very impressive, with players able to customise their loadout to cater for catching any type of fish.  Casting your rod and waiting for a bite is the easy bit, but selecting your location, tackle and bait are where the real skill lies – different fish require very different techniques.

Of course, if you’re just looking for a simple bit of carefree fishing you can just cast your rod out and see what happens, it can be a wonderfully relaxing experience just chilling out by the riverbank enjoying the beautiful scenery.  But if you are feeling a little more competitive, there are plenty of exciting options, as well as fishing on your own for daily rewards, you can take part in duels against other fishermen and even take part in online fishing tournaments.

With it’s high fidelity environments and great attention to detail Fishing Planet really is the next best thing to real fishing.  The perfect way to unwind after a hard days fragging.

Download Fishing Planet HERE (Steam – Windows Only)