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Fishing Vacation is a quirky and oddly charming Game Boy styled fishing horror adventure where you and your buddy go to a remote lakeside cabin for a few days of fun, fishing and frights.

After getting a call from an old friend, you set out for a little fishing vacation at his estranged uncle’s lakeside cabin. It’s been 10 years since you’ve been fishing and it’s been a while since you’ve seen your friend, but your friend got the idea when his uncle mailed him a key to the cabin out of the blue. What could be better than chilling out and catching some fish by the lake? That lake always had the biggest trout you’d ever seen – though there may be more than just fish lurking in that lake…

Taking around 45 minutes to play through, Fishing Vacation takes place over the course of a few days, and each day you’ll dig up worms, go fishing at the lake and then head back to the cabin. The fishing is pretty easy to master – you just cast the rod towards a shaded area (which signifies there’s a fish there), then you wait until it bites and reel it in. The lake seems to have a pretty rich ecosystem as there’s a ridiculous variety of different fish to catch (including salt-water fish), but there’s also something else lurking in there and there’s also the fact that your friend’s uncle is nowhere to be seen.

Fishing Vacation is more charming than terrifying, but there are some eerie moments and it’s fun digging into the lore of the lake. The retro Game Boy styled visuals are excellent, it has multiple endings to discover and the fishing is genuinely fun – largely because you never know what you’re going to pull up from the depths. A fantastic freaky little fishing expedition well worth taking.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Fishing Vacation Here (Windows)

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  1. Hi, is there a way to make the screen for the gameplay a bit bigger? I’m an old fart and it’s a bit too small for me. Just a couple of inches would be great.

    • Hi! I’m pretty sure there was some way to play it in full screen. Have you tried pressing Alt + Return?

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