Fist of Forgotten – Alpha Demo

Fist of Forgotten is a stylish silhouetted 2D puzzle action platforming adventure where you use your giant mechanical fist as you traverse an apocalyptic world and search for the remnants of mankind.

In Fist of Forgotten you follow the adventure of a girl who is the sole surviving member of a family living in a dangerous desolate civilization that’s overrun with deadly robots. The demo build starts off much like a Limbo-esque puzzle platforming adventure, but after a while you come into possession of a large mechanical hand which can be used in combat and also has uself mobility options.

At the moment the foregrounds and silhouetted 3d character models do often feel a little too plain in comparison to the beautiful backgrounds. However, there’s a lot to like about Fist of Forgotten. The puzzles are well crafted, the world is interesting and the momentum-based movement of your character works very well. A stylish cinematic action platforming adventure with a lot of punch.

Download the Fist of Forgotten Alpha Demo Here (Steam)