Five Nations – Beta Download

Five Nations is large scale Sci-Fi real-time strategy game where you attempt to lead your race to victory in a galaxy where war is waged between five ruthless civilizations.

Playable in single-player and online multiplayer, Five Nations allows you to take command of one of the five greatest empires in the galaxy. The gameplay combines real-time tactical space combat with management elements such as economy, construction and production. You’ll be able to develop your facilities and build mining stations, factories and research centers, all with an aim of building an all-powerful armada of spacecraft capable of crushing your foes.

It’s a great looking game that’s set to deliver some epic space battles and deep RTS gameplay where your empire management skills can be just as important as your battle management. Check out the Beta to start forging your empire now.

To join in the Five Nations Beta just join the official discord group and follow the instructions in the #welcome channel (Windows, Mac & Linux)