Flail Rider – Game Jam Build Download

Flail Rider

Flail Rider, an arcade game made for the Ludum Dare 32, will have you flailing a giant spiked ball attempting to destroy everything in sight within a time limit.

In this colorful, addicting game, you must drive around a small car with a huge spiked ball attached to the back of it, destroying as much as you can in just one minute. This ball flairs around, smashing into trees and buildings, destroying them in a colorful blast of blocks. As it destroys the environment, the ball becomes larger. Each time a building is destroyed, you gain more money.

If your car runs into any buildings, the spike ball, or trees, you have crashed and the game is over. This becomes a hard thing to avoid, as the car moves fast through the town, the ball close behind. Trees sometimes drop little blue power ups which will allow your car to drive straight through buildings and trees without taking damage. Keep your boost up, while having this power up, to gain more money! Yellow power ups can also appear from time to time, making the ball bigger.

With it’s fast paced vehicular carnage, Flail Rider is a seriously addictive and fun game where you come in like a wrecking ball!  Smashing stuff.

Download or Play Flail Rider in your Unity supported browser HERE