Flamberge – Alpha Demo


Flamberge is an easily accessible pixel art tactics based RPG inspired by the likes of Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea, where both teams plan out their attacks, and execute them simultaneously.

It’s intuitive control system and simple UI make for a game that’s more easily accessible than most tactical RPGs, but still offers satisfyingly challenging battles.  As you and the enemy execute your moves simultaneously, this adds a welcome amount of uncertainty, with you trying to predict your enemies movements to have the best chance of successfully landing attacks.  The pixel art graphical style works perfectly for Flamberge, with you able to observe and command your little warriors, battling over pristine pixelated countryside.

Currently on Kickstarter, the full game will feature 15 playable characters, 25 unique skills, a host of customisation options and a fully fledged online multiplayer mode.  It’s an impressive game, an easily accessible turn based tactics RPG with great retro visuals.  Lots of Funberge.

Watch our rather terrible tactical combat skills HERE

Check out the Flamberge Kickstarter HERE

Download the Flamberge Alpha Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)