Flame of Mirrors – Alpha Demo

Flame of mirrors game

Flame of Mirrors, a game being created by Alex Bor, is a freaky first person horror game that centers around mysterious fires, an abandoned theme park and a creepy House of Mirrors attraction.

You play as one of the several Fire Fighters, sent to a recently closed indoor amusement park, to investigate claims of a fire starting in the vicinity. Once you arrive at the amusement park, you enter with gear in hand. As soon as you get through the door your radio pipes up with your boss informing you on what needs to be done and that you’ve left your flash light in the office back at work. While this voice plays the voice slowly begins to distort to the point where you can barely make out what he is saying. Your only option left is to investigate the House of Mirrors, and find what caused the fire to begin with.

Dark, gritty and full of despair, Flame of Mirrors is one of those rare indie titles that will have you not only scratching your head but forgetting to blink to save your own hide. Yes you read correctly, the ability to blink to make your chaser(s) vanish before any harm can come to you. It can be quite hard to remember to do this though when the jump scares will have you launching out of your chair!

The Alpha Demo build is fairly short, but it shows a lot of promise with it’s creepy fairground setting and lots of visual trickery. A freaky theme park ride in which your eyes really will deceive you.

Check out the Flame of Mirrors Greenlight page Here

Download the Flame of Mirrors Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)

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  1. Playing in the dim at 3:00am is a little frightening. I really like the gameplay though, good work. Ultra high settings were very nice.

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