Flappy Royale – Open Beta (iOS, Android & Browser)

Flappy Royale takes the addictive and frustrating tube-dodging gameplay of Flappy Bird and allows up to 100 players to play simultaneously, with the victor being the one who survives the longest.

Currently in Beta on iOS and Android and playable on a browser, Flappy Royale is pretty much exactly what you’d expect a 100 player Flappy Bird game to be. You can customize your bird with different skins and accessories then you jump out of a Fortnite style big yellow flying bus and try to survive for as long as possible.

The frustratingly tough gameplay of the original Flappy Bird game is pretty much unchanged, so you’ll die fast and often, but with a little perseverance it’s possible to be the last bird flapping (at which point you’ll earn a little musical jingle and hear a voice that says congratulations). It’s a fun game and it’ll be interesting to see what other similar games get the royale treatment – Pac-Man Royale or Doodle Jump Royale are good contenders!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Flappy Royale Beta On iOS Here (Required TestFlight)

Download Flappy Royale Beta On Android Here

Play The Browser Based Version of Flappy Royale Here