Flat Kingdom – Beta Demo

Flat Kingdom

Flat Kingdom is a well crafted 2.5D puzzle platformer where you have the ability to change into 3 different shapes: triangle, circle and square – each with their own useful attributes and weaknesses.

You play as Flat, a brave adventurer sent by the king of Flat Kingdom to rescue the princess and stop the kingdom from turning into a 3D world.  The once flat and peaceful Flat Kingdom is slowly turning into a 3D realm, which causes fear and despair in the hearts of the people, turns the local fauna aggresive and evil, and disrupts the general balance of the world. If Flat fails in his adventure, the third dimension shall consume the Flat Kingdom and all its inhabitants will be doomed.

Levels are full of charming papercraft visual design and inventive puzzles which will require you to experiment with your different shapes.  The triangle is fast, the square is slow, heavy and powerful and the circle is a good all rounder with the ability to double jump.  Even enemies are only susceptible to damage from certain forms, turning the game into a shape based version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Still early in development, Flat Kingdom is shaping up to be a wonderful papercraft puzzle platformer full of warmth, color and shapeshifting gameplay that doesn’t fall flat.

UPDATE: Beta Demo No Longer Available