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Flattened is a bizarre little game where you attempt to survive as 500ft women, men and furries stomp about the environment, squashing anything that gets in their way.

There is a narrative to Flattened that revolves around alien giants using tiny humans for their amusement in a primetime TV show, but it’s not implemented (or important) in the current build. All you need to know is that you need to avoid being squashed by 500ft giants as they stomp around the game’s various environments.

There are three different maps in the current build of Flattened – a city and a beach that require you to reach a goal without getting squashed and a suburban area where you attempt to get people out of their homes before an airstrike comes in. Before starting a game you can choose which giant you’d like to add to the map, with a choice of three different women, three different men and one furry (the differences are only cosmetic but it’s a fun touch).

Due to the fact that there is only ever one giant stomping around the map at a time, the beach map is the most fun to play on as there is only a single road to walk along (so you’re in constantly danger of being squashed). Conversely, on the wide open map of the suburbs it can be a little dull as the giant is very rarely near you.

It’s still very early in development and is extremely rough around the edges but Flattened shows a lot of promise and it’s quite a spectacle to see a 500ft human stomping around the environments. Well worth checking out if you’ve ever fancied knowing what it feels like to be one of the tiny humans running away in the streets of a Godzilla style monster movie!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Flattened Alpha Here (Windows)

3 thoughts on “Flattened – Alpha Download”

    • Haha, I guess people will get their rocks off at anything, but for me it didn’t seem any more sexual than Attack on Titan or a Godzilla movie. Either way it’s a quirky little game that delivers a unique gaming experience. :)

  1. I couldn’t finish the gauntlet mode :(
    But I liked suburb mode. I’d be keen to see what is done with this. I’m hoping for a mode where you can play as the giant!
    I played it for my youtube channel.
    Here is the video link: https://youtu.be/nUjw8EoPcqc

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