Flatwoods – Game Jam Build Download


Flatwoods, a stylish and well animated little adventure game made for the Halloween Jam 2016, has you sneaking out at night in hopes of finding a shooting star!

After your mother told you to go to bed, you saw what you assume to be a shooting star fly into a nearby farm. Obviously you must investigate as there’s no way you can sleep with such a big mystery. So after searching for the key to your front door, you sneak out the house and have the whole town of Flatwoods to explore as you search for the shooting star.

This little town is not so little to a child – there is quite a lot to explore. You can check out the local farm, a lumber mill, some mysterious buildings in the woods, or just explore the river and trees around. Inside some buildings you can find keys, strange metals, or diaries. Diaries are quite important in the game – giving you information on the adults around this town as well as the mysterious shooting star.

As well as a fun game world populated with interesting characters, Flatwoods also has very well made, stylish cutscenes at key points in the game. These cutscenes tell you more about the child you are playing and the things going on in this town. They really help draw you into the story and add a lot of personality to the game.  A charming, cheerful and spooky adventure that has some fun little twists as you search for that mysterious shooting star.

Download Flatwoods Here (Win & Mac)