Fleshforward – Alpha Demo

Flesh Forward Game Download

Fleshforward is a dark zombie-filled survival horror adventure that plays a little like the original Resident Evil games, but with stylish 2D pixel art visuals and gameplay that blends stealth, action and RPG elements.

In Fleshforward you assist Seph Garrett (an undercover cop) and Hellen Bates (a well known criminal) as they attempt to survive in the city of New Wells, after a catastrophic event has transformed citizens into zombie-like cannibals. To progress you’ll need to explore the zombie infested hell-hole, scavenge weapons and equipment, solve puzzles, use stealth, pick locks and blast hordes of undead before they eat your brains.

It’s still early in development, but Fleshforward shows a lot of promise. The dark and grimy visuals add a lot of atmosphere, and the scavenging survival action gameplay is great fun. The only big issue at the moment is the combat that feels a little clumsy, requiring you to run around in circles while shooting zombies – which could perhaps be remedied by adding the ability to lock your firing direction so you can walk backwards while firing forwards. It’s a very impressive game though, that feels fondly reminiscent of Resident Evil 2 in particular. Well worth checking out of a fresh take on the classic zombie survival horror genre.

Note: Press Alt+Enter for full screen. Make sure you search the lockers in the bathroom area near the start of the game – you’ll find some lock-picks that really come in handy!

Download Fleshforward Here (Windows)