Flicker – Open Alpha


Flicker is a fast paced audio-enhanced action puzzle game where you have to avoid previous versions of yourself as you make your way to the goal.

The fantastic audio is an essential part of Flicker, so it’s highly recommended playing with headphones.  Your goal in each stage is simply to travel across the screen and reach the goal. What makes things tougher is that each time you complete a stage, it creates a ‘copy’ of yourself which you have to avoid, that moves along the same path as you did last time. Things start of easily, but the difficulty soon ramps up, with multiple copies of yourself and other enemies to avoid.

Flicker is still early in development, but it’s shaping up to be a great game – a stylish action puzzler where you to play against yourself in a pixellated light-show full of cool synth beats.

Play the Flicker Alpha in a Unity Supported Browser HERE