Fling to the Finish – Pre-Alpha Demo

Fling to the Finish is a tricky physics based dual control platforming/racing game where you (or you and a co-op partner) attempt to navigate challenging obstacle courses while your two characters are tethered together.

Playable in single player, local co-op or local competitive multiplayer your aim in Fling to the Finish is to guide two squishy ball shaped characters to the finish line as fast as possible. In single-player or competitive multiplayer you control both of your balls independently using the left and right analog sticks on your controller, while in local co-op each player controls a single ball – which requires real communication and coordination between the players! Both of the balls are tethered together with a cord, and while the cord can get snagged on obstacles now and again, it also comes in handy for catapulting, activating switches and as a lifeline when one of the balls falls.

Even in the current Pre-Alpha demo build there’s a lot of content in Fling to the Finish, with six large levels, each packed with a variety of challenging obstacles to conquer. It’s most fun in multiplayer, but even in single-player it’s great fun and will take around 30 minutes to make your way through its colorful obstacle courses. Visually it’s a delight too, with a great attention to detail and some wonderfully creative world design. A great little physics based platforming/racing game packed full of charm and creativity. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fling to the Finish Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Windows)