Flippfly Prototype Showdown: Round 1

flippfly prototype showdown

The Prototype Showdown is an initiative by indie games developer Flippfly (creators of Race the Sun) to select their next game for development by popular vote. Round One of the Prototype Showdown is currently underway, pitting the low-poly TaxiCopter against the 2D game Dupi’s Wrong Turn.

TaxiCopter is a basic flight simulation game where you must guide a helicopter across an island city, collecting and completing missions to earn cash. There are three types of timed missions: deliver a person to a location, fly through some rings, and herd cattle into a circle. Despite being a prototype, the flight controls work quite well once you acclimatize to the helicopter’s limited turning ability. With the right art direction and some relaxing music, TaxiCopter could make an excellent spiritual successor to Nintendo’s Pilotwings series.

Dupi’s Wrong Turn is a decidedly weirder game than its opposition. You play as an eggman running along a monsterous, circular platform, dodging tongues and jumping over gaps. Dupi’s Wrong Turn has one-touch controls (spacebar or left-click), making it easy to pick up and play. It’s also got a much stronger artistic vision than TaxiCopter; nothing in the game feels like a placeholder, giving us a much better idea of what the final game could look like. The most glaring problem with Dupi’s Wrong Turn is the use of a life system, which adds an unnecessary level of difficulty to what could be a unique, little puzzle game.

In order to vote, you’ll need to create an account on Flippfly’s website. As this is only the first round of the Prototype Showdown, we’ll be sure to update you in a month’s time when the second round goes live.

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