Flippfly Prototype Showdown: Round 3

roofus mows the lawn flippfly

Beware, beware the Ides of March as they bring yet another round of Flippfly’s Prototype Showdown to our computer screens! Of course, Flippfly’s fabulous prototypes are infinitely more enjoyable than being stabbed to death by angry senators in ancient Rome, but we’re getting off-track. We’ve previously covered Flippfly’s Prototype Showdown here on Alpha Beta Gamer; the last round saw wave-based survival game The Last Colony beat out strategy game LaserPawn for the public’s vote. This round sees two new games go head-to-head for the affection of the gaming public: It’s the goofy lawn-mowing simulator Roofus Mows The Lawn versus the clean-cut roleplaying game A Traveler. Who will come out on top? Only you can decide!

Roofus Mows The Lawn is another addition to the recent stream wacky, awkward-control simulation games flooding the gaming market. When Roofus’s owners leave the farm for the day, Roofus takes matter into his own paws, hijacking the farm’s lawn tractor in an attempt to prove that he can do anything a human can. However, because Roofus is a dog and lacks opposable thumbs, to control the lawnmower, he has to alternate between the steering wheel and the gear shift, all the while trying to avoid smashing into fences. Unfortunately for Roofus, this brief mini-game doesn’t hold a candle to other games of its genre like Octodad: Dadliest Catch. While the developers propose expanding the “dog does human things” concept to include other mini-games such as bartending, we’re not sure there is enough originality there to warrant giving Roofus a full title.

A Traveler is a bite-sized glimpse into a serene world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and terrible monsters. You’ll play as a young fox exploring the vast forest outside your small town. A Traveler is still in its most basic form: you can collect items, chat with townspeople, earn a bow and eventually fight monsters. The biggest issue with the current build of A Traveler is its lack of directed level design. There is very little in the way of instruction to guide you on your quest and getting lost in the forest is almost a guarantee. A map system is a must for A Traveler going forward, but it shows promise, it’d be great to see it fleshed out with a stronger narrative, some richer characterization and more engaging quest concepts.

Just like last time, if you want to vote on your favorite prototype, you will need to sign into your account on Flippfly’s website. When you click through to vote on your preferred game, each game has a description, list of known issues, and the developers’ plans for the future development of the game. Remember: Flippfly wants your opinion on these games. Help them out by completing the short feedback surveys linked on the download/voting page!

Download And Vote For Roofus Mows The Lawn and A Traveler Here