Flippfly Prototype Showdown – Round 4


The Flippfly Prototype Showdown is back for round four, and this time the entries are Action Fishing and Dodgeball Dungeon, with players able to catch some little low poly fish or bounce a dodgeball off enemies in a series of dungeons.

For those unaware, Flippfly (creators of Race the Sun) are letting the public decide what their next game will be by hosting a series of Prototype Showdowns that pits 8 game idea prototypes against each other in a knockout tournament where players vote for the winner. The latest two games to go up against each other are low poly fishing game Action Fishing and the dungeon crawling ball bouncer, Dodgeball Dungeon.

They’re both very different games – Action Fishing looks great, but the gameplay gets old pretty quickly while Dodgeball Dungeon is nothing special to look at but offers the most fun gameplay, with you making your way through dungeons armed only with a dodgeball. They’re both pretty basic Prototypes, but each has it’s own merits – try them both and see which you prefer, and don’t forget to vote!

Note: To reel in the big fish in Action Fishing you have to flick the rod while they’re jumping in the air.

Download Action Fishing & Dodgeball Dungeon Here (Win, Mac & Linux)