Flipping Filip – Beta Demo

Flipping Filip is a very funny and puzzle adventure with hand drawn cartoon quality animation in which you play a depressed middle-aged man who turns into a superhero every time he sneezes!

In Flipping Filip you take on the role of Filip, a grumpy middle aged man who hates disorder and spends his days sorting, relocating and shredding files for a large company. However, a simple sneeze can cause him to involuntarily turn into a superhero called Pilif, who seeks out excitement, fights bad guys and saves people from peril. Naturally Filip finds this kind of behaviour very disruptive to his boring, organized life and is keen to put an end to it – especially as he has a new girlfriend called Alix and a mysterious evil mastermind called Xila is tearing up the city…

The demo build of Flipping Filip sees Filip visiting a psychiatrist to try and get rid of his Pilif problem for good. The only problem is that the Psychiatrist doesn’t believe your story so you’ll have to find some way to sneeze (and turn into Pilif) to prove that it’s true. It takes around 10 minutes to play though and plays like a point and click adventure, but with you having direct control of your character. The puzzles are fairly straight forward, but fun to figure out and the humor and animation are excellent throughout.

It’s a fantastic game with incredible hand drawn animation that feels like you’re playing an interactive cartoon. It’s a very impressive game, and as grumpy as Filip is, his expressive little face and downtrodden demeanour make it hard not to fall in love with the little guy. Highly recommended.

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Download The Flipping Filip Beta Demo Here (Windows)