Float – Alpha Demo


Float is an adorable puzzle-platformer in which you must float your black blob friend through the twisting tunnels of a pixellated world, dodging enemies and picking up power-ups along the way.

To put it simply, Float feels great to play. The movement of the soot-sprite lookalike has just the right amount of weight to it, giving that feeling of silky, smooth control. As you discover new ways to slip past enemies and navigate past obstacles, it becomes exceedingly clear that Float’s game design manages to walk that fine line between introducing new mechanics and reinventing old ones. The game gives you just enough time to get comfortable with a new aspect of gameplay (like the shooting power-up or the gravity zones) before it ups the challenge, bringing back concepts you explored earlier on. In this way, the challenges Float presents never feel like a punishment but rather a natural extension of the blob’s story and world.

Float shows a bit of its cheeky sense of humor with some tricky level design and its cheery pixel art. There is something indescribably amusing about the random emoticon faces sported by your enemies. By mixing classic platforming conventions with some fresh ideas, Float introduces a fun and quirky world that is definitely worth exploring.

Check Out a Float Gameplay video Here

Download The Float Alpha Demo Via The Greenlight Page Here (Win, Mac & Linux)