Flockers – Beta Demo


Flockers is a 2.5D strategic puzzle game from Team 17 with lots of dark humor where you have to guide a flock of sheep that are escaping from being butchered.

As they escape to freedom, your aim is to prevent a lot of sheep meat and blood splattered everywhere (but seeing how the game works there will probably be a lot of sheep blood anyway).  You get access to abilities to help your sheep overcome obstacles, such as making them jump over high walls, flying or even exploding them to open up a passage for the rest of the sheep to escape – sacrificing a few for the sake of the flock.

It’s a little like lemmings, but with improved graphics, added sheep, blood, guts and a Team 17’s delightfully irreverent sense of humor.  Not baaaad, not baaaad  at all!

Purchase the full Early Access version or Download The Free Beta Demo on Steam HERE

2 thoughts on “Flockers – Beta Demo”

    • Yeah looks cool! I love the Worms games, but it’s nice to see Team 17 experimenting with new IP. :)

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