FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja – Game Jam Build

FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja is a rage inducingly tough precision platformer where you race through a looping chamber while collecting crystals and being chased by an avalanche.

In FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja you control a tiny little Crystal Ninja who can walk left or right and shoot a grappling hook straight up. Your controls are fairly limited, but your ninja is pretty nimble – which is handy as there’s a massive avalanche chasing you! You need to outrun the avalanche, avoid the various deadly spikes and maces, and collect crystals along the way. The caves form a never-ending loop though so once you enter there’s no escape!

It’s an incredibly tough, but very addictive little game with charming pixel art visuals and a catchy soundtrack. It takes serious skill just to make it around one loop of the caverns, let alone any more. Good luck!

Download FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja Here (Windows)