Floppy Frog – Game Jam Build

Floppy Frog

Floppy Frog is a ridiculously tough two button QWOP-like platformer in which you control the joints on a rather strange looking frog and attempt to guide it towards the exit of each level.

There are six levels in total and you’ll need some serious frog flopping skills to make it to the end.  To move your body you simply have to press L and F to contract the corresponding joint.  After a bit of practice you can muster up some semblance of co-ordination and get yourself moving in the right direction, but you’re never in complete control – especially when attempting to overcome an obstacle.

Created for Ludum Dare 34, Floppy Frog‘s simple premise and odd control scheme makes for some ridiculously tough and thoroughly enjoyable gameplay.  A very silly little game that will make you hopping mad (in a good way)!

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Play Floppy Frog Here (Browser)