Flux Caves – Pre-Alpha Demo

Flux Caves is a clever first person puzzler where you’re tasked with assembling complex tube systems to transport glowing orbs through each level.

Drawing inspiration from The Witness and the Wild Dungeons in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Flux Caves is a chilled out first person puzzler about building tube systems. It features enclosed cave levels and open world puzzles, with each one tasking you with transporting five glowing orbs to a receptacle to open up the exit doors.

You create networks of transportation tubes by sliding around the individual sections on the grid based enclosures. The puzzles start off very easily (perhaps a little too easy), but as you progress more complex designs are introduced and new pieces, such as one way tube sections and switches. It works well and is very intuitive, with the only minor issue being that you can’t pull sections (you can only push them) so you can end up getting stuck if you push them into a corner.

It’s still early in development but Flux Caves already shows a lot of promise. It’s got a very relaxed atmosphere and sliding and slotting the pieces together to create your own Rube Goldberg-esque machines is a very satisfying experience. A pipe connecting puzzler that’s easy to connect with.

Download The Flux Caves Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

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  1. Thank you for the article and also for the feedback! This is what I need to create a great game. :) Am, pull wont be in the game, but probably there will be an Undo feature. Its not as simple as it sounds, but I’ll do my best to implement it! ;)

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