Flynn: Son of Crimson – Alpha Demo

Flynn: Son of Crimson is a beautifully animated 2D metroidvania action platforming adventure with a focus on fast paced, satisfying combat as you explore a diverse game world and flip between dimensions as you attempt to discover your past and battle a corruption from taking over the island of Rosantica.

In Flynn: Son of Crimson you take on the role of Flynn, a young man who was orphaned as a child who sets out to discover his origins while awakening an ancient power within him. As you explore the island of Rosantica you’ll discover ancient relics and monuments that will lead you to who you really are and unlock cool new powers that will aid your fight against the darkness.

The current demo build offers around 20 minutes of gameplay and is a great taste of things to come. It follows a non-linear metroidvania style progression system, with new weapons and equipment that you find allowing access to different routes through the world. The weapons allow for a diverse amount of combat options and can be switched between at the touch of a button even while in mid-fight. The combat is fast, fun and skill based, with you dodging, switching between weapons and timing your attacks to defeat enemies.

The majority of your time in the Flynn: Son of Crimson demo takes place in the normal dimension, but you will venture into the dark dimension for a short period. It’s a place that requires you to switch tactics from all out combat to a more stealthy approach as you attempt to avoid security camera-esque eyeballs. It’s a nice addition that shakes up the gameplay and adds also has a dark and sinister visual style that is a nice contrast to the vibrant and colorful normal dimension.

Even in these early stages of development Flynn: Son of Crimson is a fantastic game, packed full of gorgeous pixel art animation, excellent world design and satisfying combat. As soon as you step into the island of Rosantica you can see all the love and craftwork that’s gone into building the beginnings of this epic metroidvania adventure. Highly recommended.

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