Folded Voices – Student Game Download

Folded Voices is a wonderful and uplifting little precision flying game where you attempt to pilot a paper plane through a children’s hospital to reach your friend.

Created by a group of 12 students from Playgroundsquad Sweden, Folded Voices is a relaxing and wholesome little flying game wset in a large childrens hospital where you send messages to your friend via paper planes. You pilot one of these paper planes as it swoops through the corridors of the hospital, avoiding hazards and collecting scraps of paper along the way.

The paper plane is controlled using your mouse and is very easy to maneuver (though there is one tricky section where you go down a stairwell). The hospital is surprisingly massive, taking around 10 to 15 minutes to fly through and the environment is packed full of fun little details. It’s also worth taking the time to grab as many of the scraps of paper as possible as the reveal for what they are at the end is delightful.

It’s a fantastic little game with a heartwarming premise, high quality visual design and wonderfully uplifting audio score. The mouse-based controls work really well and it makes for a very chilled out and easily accessible flying experience. Highly recommended.

Download Folded Voices Here (Windows)