Food Truck Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Food Truck Simulator allows you to run your own little food truck, where you’ll be able to create recipes, and serve customers throughout an entire city.

Currently in development by DRAGO Entertainment (creators of Road Diner Simulator and Treasure Hunter Simulator), Food Truck Simulator is a simulator that puts you in charge of your very own food truck. You’ve inherited the food truck from your father. It’s pretty old, but it means a lot to you and your aim is to follow in your father’s footsteps.

As well as preparing and serving food, you’ll also need to clean the truck, order ingredients and drive between locations. Earn enough cash and you’ll be able to purchase upgrades for the tuck and even add some cool customizations to the exterior of it. Sign up for the Beta to start serving some meals on wheels.

Sign Up For The Food Truck Simulator Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)