Football Tactics – Beta Demo

football tactics

Football Tactics is an impressive game which brings turn based tactics to the sporting genre, pitting teams against each other in strategic turn based matches as you build up your squad from division 3 losers to world conquering superstars.

It’s an interesting concept, and turn based combat translates to the football (or soccer) field remarkably well.  Each team gets three moves per round, with an overall aim of getting the ball in the back of your opponents net.  Positioning is key as you fight to get the ball up-field and shoot with out getting tackled.

Much like in a tactical RPG, the chances of your squad pulling off tackles, successfully passing or scoring are also reliant on your stats, so you’ll have to buy and sell players, earn experience and upgrade their stats and abilities to make your team the best in the world.

Even in these early stages of development, Football Tactics is a fun and well polished experience.  Blending turn based tactics with the sports genre works surprisingly well.  We’d love to see it tried with other sports too.  Tactical turn based table tennis anyone?

UPDATE: Beta Demo No Longer Available