Footbrawl Playground – Beta Download


Footbrawl Playground is a wonderfully silly physics based playground that’s so packed full of hilarious possibilities that you often forget about actually playing football at all!

Footbrawl Playground can be played with up to four players and there is some semblance of a football game in there, with you scoring points for knocking the football through the goals on any of the pitches. You can pick up and use weapons, trigger explosions, perform stunts and even drive around in cars in a fun little nod to Rocket League.

You don’t’ have to play with others to enjoy the delights of Footbrawl Playground though, in fact you don’t have to ‘play’ at all. It can be just as fun (often more so) to just spawn a bunch of AI bots, spawn a bunch of items, set modifiers (such as low gravity or slow motion) and watch the joyful physics based chaos that ensues!

Footbrawl Playground is actually a prequel to a much bigger game that the developer Der Kevin (Prison Brawl and NoodleBall) is developing called Footbrawl, with all funds that he receives from Footbrawl Playground going towards the development of Footbrawl. Playground is a blast to play in it’s own right though – a mad physics based toybox that’s packed full of joyful ragdoll mayhem. If this is only the taster, we really can’t wait until the full game kicks off!

Note: Footbrawl Playground is only free until the 1st of January, after which it’ll go back up to $5. You can still support the dev and pay some cash for the game now though – all players who pay for the game will also get a Steam Key by clicking the ‘request key’ button on their purchase page!

Tip: Press the ‘6’ Key for a list of useful key bindings

Download Footbrawl Playground Here (Win & Mac)