Footgun: Underground – Beta Demo

Footgun: Underground is a roguelike arcade soccer game where you kill enemies by kicking balls at them.

In Footgun: Underground you make your way through a network of single-screen arenas that contain enemies, shops, bonus pinatas and bosses. You don’t have any physical attacks yourself, insead you attack by going up to a ball and kicking it. The ball then hurtles around the screen damaging any enemies it comes into contact with.

Between levels you can choose the route to the next level in the network. You can also equip and combine any power-ups you collect, ranging from making the balls call explosions to equipping special new balls (such as a saw blade ball).

It’s a simple and addictive game that delivers a fun mash-up of soccer and rogulike action and it has a very satisfying gameplay loop. Well worth jumping in for a quick kick-around!

Download The Footgun: Underground Beta Demo Here (Steam)