For Better or For Worse – Game Jam Build Download

For Better or For Worse is an emotional and spooky little poetic adventure that sees you fending off shadowy figures as you try to reach your daughter in time for her wedding.

In For Better or For Worse you control a father who finds himself stranded after his car breaks down on the way to his daughters wedding. You find yourself on an unfamiliar path that’s littered with memories of your daughter as she grew up, but with each memory you uncover, the more you remember and the more shadowy figures appear and chase you. You do have a wind up flashlight that can blow the shadows away, but they are relentless – the best option is to run for your life.

For Better or For Worse takes around 10 minutes to complete and the stylish low poly artwork, poetic writing, audio and narrative are excellent throughout. It’s an impressive game – especially once you figure out what the shadows represent and why they would want to stop you from reaching your destination.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download For Better or For Worse Here (Windows)