For the Homeland! – GameJam Build

For the homeland!

Become a dictator, making decisions for the whole country, in the Ludum Dare 31 game For the Homeland!

This game puts the player in the position of a dictator who needs to make sure the social classes in his country are happy. This ruler has many, many jobs. He must see to the crimes of his country; murder, exploitation, scams and make decisions as to the fates of these criminals. Will they die? Will they go to jail? Or are they set free? If you are too harsh, social classes might get upset. Same if you are too lax. Some dictators tend to let the rich free, while imprisoning the poor. Others treat everyone fairly. Making these decisions are not all there is to the job.

With a trusty bull dog, you must manage and build your armies, check out which areas to attack, what resources to take. The social class side of things is managed with the help of a bird, who has statistics on the people of your country as well as any notifications or offers from other countries. Other countries call to trade or to ask for help via a phone. Some even come to your town to ask some dodgy requests. Decisions on what to do there must also be made.

Manage your country, keep your people happy, and capture as much land as possible in this addictive browser based game.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available