Forager – Alpha Demo

Forager is an easily accessible, charming and very addictive 2D open world survival RPG that sees you exploring, crafting, farming, fighting, trading, building, solving puzzles and finding treasure!

Forager draws inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, Stardew Valley and Terraria to create a cheerful and fun survival RPG experience that’s packed full of secrets to discover. It does a great job of not overwhelming you with features initially, but slowly opening up to be a surprisingly deep and complex survival RPG experience.

You start the game on a single small island and can forage for resources by hacking down trees, harvesting fruit and mining rocks. As you progress you’re able to craft useful items, erect buildings, farm crops, level up your character, learn new abilities and purchase new islands to explore. These new islands can contain a variety of things, including treasure chests, mysterious buildings, NPCs, enemies, bosses and fairies.

The Forager demo features around 2-3 hours worth of gameplay and it feels like you’re discovering new stuff from start to finish as the the game slowly morphs from a survival game to a management game and RPG adventure. It’s a joy exploring the islands and discovering their many secrets and even in its current state it’s a very polished experience. Highly recommended.

Download The Forager Alpha Demo Here (Windows)