Forbidden Forgiveness – Pre-Alpha Demo

Forbidden Forgiveness is a psychological horror game that messes with your mind as you travel between multiple dimensions, solve puzzles, avoid freaky creatures and battle bosses.

The dark nightmarish world of Forbidden Forgiveness is a place where good people can do bad things and where bad people have done some truly terrible things. As you explore you flip between realities, all of which seem like they’re a different layer of the surreal hell you find yourself trapped in.

The current build of Forbidden Forgiveness features around half an hour’s worth of gameplay and contains a mixture of puzzles, combat and exploration. It’s still early in development but it already looks incredible and is full of genuinely horrifying imagery that feels like a blend of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser movies and David Cronenberg’s body horror. It’s a very freaky and surreal experience that’s more about horrifying the player than terrifying them, and it does it very well. Highly recommended (though not for the squeamish!)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Forbidden Forgiveness Beta Demo Here (Steam)