Force Reboot – Alpha Demo

Force Reboot is a very fast paced run n’ gun roguelite FPS where your health constantly drops and you top it up by blasting enemies.

In Force Reboot you attempt to race through procedurally generated levels made up of individual rooms filled with killer robots. You need to clear each room before you can move on, but you need to be quick – your health is constantly dropping. You can top up your health by blasting enemies, but you still don’t really have much time to hang around.

At the end of each level you can choose a stackable perk that can aid your progress. These perks can include new weapons and handy buffs, but they usually also come with a debuff. So for instance, you may be able to pick a new gun, but you may also be penalised for each shot you miss.

The demo is fairly short and has some rough edges, but it’s a lot of fun. The guns feel great, the perk system works well and there’s a nice feeling of speed and fluidity to your movement as you run, slide and blast your way through the levels. A fast, fun roguelite FPS with a lot of promise.
Download The Force Reboot Alpha Demo Here (Windows)