Foregone – Beta Demo

Foregone is a slick 2D action platforming adventure with lots of loot and unlockable upgrades as your ass-kicking super-soldier fights back against a corrupting force called the Harrow.

Taking place in the dark Sci-Fi fantasy world of Calagan, Foregone is a loot-filled action platforming adventure where you battle a corruption that’s reanimating the dead. Your heroine is agile and skilled in melee and ranged combat. You can equip one melee weapon and one ranged weapon at a time, as well as using unlockable skills, such as a dash attack and a healing ability.

The demo build of Foregone features a sizable chunk of gameplay and takes around 45 minutes to play through. It features two large levels and a hub area where you can purchase perks and weapon upgrades for your character. There’s a wide variety of weapons and equipment that you can loot while out in the world, all of which can be upgraded and allow for different fighting styles.

It’s a fun game with fast and fluid combat, a great visual style and lots of lovely loot to collect. A very promising side-scrolling looter shooter/slasher with a nice variety of ways to kick your enemies’ asses.

Download the Foregone Beta Demo Here (Steam)